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Our promise is simple. To help in providing you with the right product at the right price and then provide you with the right support and level of customer service, knowing that if you run into difficulties, we are ready to help.


Of the Millions of solar PV installations in the UK, our estimation is that at least 500,000 have in some way been installed incorrectly, leading to premature problems such as leaking roofs, cabling issues or inverter problems. We know that most of the promises of a maintenance free system is in reality, just fiction as every solar PV system will need attention at some point or another. Regular cleaning to maintain the highest level of energy production is getting back to what matters the most; safeguarding the future returns on your investment. It is therefore our mission to service, maintain and repair those systems to help our customers achieve the most from their Solar PV systems and in turn minimising the losses due to either lack of maintenance or poor installation.

Our founders, Goldwater Electrical Services recognised a need for a dedicated service for the property owners who have had solar PV installed. Already we have helped a number of clients deal with issues relating to poor installation and now we have a range of products to offer the growing number of UK residents thinking of how to protect their investment.